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Interested in a trial lesson?, or a more experienced pilot- we quite rightly want to know what it costs.  Well - we all know private flying can be quite expensive.
That’s not to say Reducing the cost of flying, and making it more accessible is not a worthy cause. However, we say it is not really the only or most important issue.  The ‘like for like' costs are in reality the same where ever you go, but the often-ignored investment of time is usually never mentioned.

While learning all kinds of new skills can seem to get more interesting and fun (eg foreign languages, musical instruments, scuba diving etc.) - Learning to fly at most airfields is largely unchanged.

For busy people, finding the time to dedicate up to 60+ hours of Flight Training plus ground school is a tall order. Yes, and that really is the average flying time (and most of it repetitive) to actually get a full pilots licence.  Apple computers have demonstrated - 'a great product sees customers prepared to overlook the price'. We say flight training should try to emulate this idea, and emphasize the experience of being a pilot over other factors.

Most people learn to fly for recreation - so its easy give up if it’s not enjoyable. That doesn’t mean every lesson has to be a 'walk in the park', but we think it’s time to consider savouring the 'Training Experience', and not see this as a tedious, but necessary evil. There are all sorts of interesting and rewarding things to do on the way to achieve your flying goals. Check out some of the activities we offer as a club & members organisation - and give us a Call or email us to find out more.

ppl ground schoolppl ground schoolppl ground schoolppl ground school

Tel: 03453 450933 (local)
email: fly@cambrian-aero.co.uk

ppl gound school ppl ground school ppl ground schoolppl ground schoolppl ground school

ppl ground school ppl ground school ppl ground school
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