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Aeros Cambrian Trial Flights Lessons

Cross-Channel checkouts are another of our specialities and ofen combined with ourRadio Navigation & IMC Courses. This is not a formal training requirement, but it is a real confidence boost to have an instructor (and another pilot usually) along to 'mentor' you on your first time trip abroad. We often use Cherbourg or one of the Channel Isles (it's up to you). Why Cherbourg? - well it is an excellent first 'foreign' destination for the GA pilot taking family or friends away for the day or weekend, with much to see, and experience in and around the town & Brittany. Cherbourg gives an excellent cross-country revision opportunity - first, as far as 'overhead Southampton' or Bournemouth, and then a relatively short water crossing. Why not sign up for one of our regular Seminars, and find out what is really involved.

AOPA Mentoring and Ground Instructor Programme
This is a personalised flying development programme, designed to make the most of your current flying experiences, whether hours-building for a CPL, planning on doing Flight Instructor Course, or for those wishing to fly further afield with confidence. Advanced VFR and IR Navigation to Farm Strip Experience is included, operating from private landing strips throughout South Wales/Borders and Devon. We also include Seaplane/Overwater training safaris where appropriate to a particular pilot's individual interest or flying objectives.

AOPA Flying Companion's Foundation Certificate (and safety pilot's course)
This is a 5 day course is designed for those who might fly, or want to fly regularly with a qualified Licence holder (eg CPL/PPL), and to be more involved in flights, and more confident when flying as a passenger. A minimum of eight hours' dual flying with a qualified Flight Instructor is undertaken over a period of 12 months, or as a more 'intensive' package over a shorter period. The hours flown on this course can be counted towards the full JAR PPL qualification. Ground school is included, providing the opportunity to take the PPL Air Law exam, and to obtain a standalone Radio Telephony (RT) Licence. As we use a four-seater aircraft for this course, we are usually able to take along a 'passenger' who can at as an observer.

These courses are highly recommended for -
* Friends and partners of qualified pilots who wish to acquire a sufficient grounding to further their enjoyment when flying as a passenger or assist with map-reading and navigation
* Aspiring pilots who are uncertain as to whether they wish to take the NPPL or JAR PPL licence. Foundation Course hours count towards either licence.
* Those seeking a focused "activity/adventure training holiday".
* Students or school leavers considering an aviation career, or entry to the Services, who wish to gain substantial hands-on experience and evidence of aptitude prior to application or interview.
* Experienced pilots who wish to help fellow pilots understand the theory of flight and more.


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