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Looking for an interesting Air Experience or Discovery flight ?. We offer a variety of land-away and flight days out, for pilots and others, including unique safari trips to / from Ireland and France. These discovery flights & introductory lessons are available in gift voucher format (including free club membership), and provide an ideal solution for that -

* ultimate gift for that special occasion
* a new 'activity or adventure experience'
* a 'hands-on' experience for an aspiring private pilot,
or if considering a career in aviation.

All members also have the opportunity to join one of our more experienced pilots on selected private cost sharing flights. This might be for Monitoring and Survey purposes – where the flight is planned to assist in gathering data that may be used for scientific or regulatory purposes. Media Flights may also be planned by photographers, videographers, or journalists members. These flights might be designed to capture the story of the environment, bringing evidence to a wider audience. Participants often include a geo-tagging exercise - a process of adding tags to a photograph to locate the exact latitude and longitude. Great fun if you have a geotag-enabled camera and/or smart phone. For latest day out flights with the "Wales & Borders Flying" team to /from Cardiff, Bristol, Usk valleys, Cotswolds, & others -

Call or email us to find out more.

"Complete your PPL exams in 5 days with Cambrian:. ppl ground school  
ppl gound school ppl ground school ppl ground schoolppl ground schoolppl ground school

ppl ground school ppl ground school ppl ground school
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