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Many pilots, both students and the more experienced, find joining a group (equity or non-equity) sensible solution to keeping flying costs as low as possible, while at the same time maintaining the flexibilty associated with outright ownership. Listed here, are a selection of such aircraft and groups. Phone or email for details of current availability. (OWNERS PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU WANT A FREE LISTING).

Piper PA28 Cherokee Group, Oaksey Park Airfield Based

Avionics fit consists of 2 x KX 170B with glideslope, localiser, VOR indicator, KR85, KT76, Narco 890, King audio panel with markers Operated on EASA standard certificate of airworthness. £100 per month, and £95 per hour wet. PPL (A) required, plus no minimum hours. Web based booking system in use. Discounted training courses available.

For more information.
Tel: 0345 34 50933
email: info@cambrian-aero.co.uk


cambrian aeros flight

Non-Equity Beagle Pup Group, Cardiff / St. Athan Based

Deposit of 6 months Hangerage & Insurance (6 x £62), and £48 per Hour wet. Deposit refundable if aircraft problems prevents use. PPL (A) required. Web based booking system in use, long serving membership with current vacancy. Plenty of access, new paint, leather seats, well equipped. Avionics fit consists of Twin Nav-com (ILS); Transponder mode 'C'; and ADF.
Operated on Public Transport category certificate by Fly-Wales Ltd, training available.
For more information: Contact Leighton.
Tel: 02920 701944
mobile: 07767395713
e-mail: leighton.flywalesltd@btinternet.com
web: www.flywales.flyer.co.uk

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EV-97 Eurostar, Shobdon Airfield Based.

The TeamEurostar is all-metal, low wing aircraft designed by EVEKTOR-AEROTECHNIK, an approved company in the Czech Republic. The type is now approved by the CAA as a ready to fly 450 kg VLA (or microlight in UK). Built 2005, £55 Per Hour Wet. Tuition available for conversions and flight lessons - this has to be the most economic way to get your licence now. Good Availability.
No VAT, No Monthly Charge.

For more information.
Tel: 0345 345 0933
email: info@cambrian-aero.co.uk


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Shares PA28-180 Group, Cardiff

Easy access Newport, North Bristol, South Gloucester. Internet booking, no restrictions on how long or where you take it, or how little or how much you fly. Availability at £120(wet), plus monthly subscription - no hidden extras. Has to be one of the best PA28’s in the area. Easy going very friendly group - lots of support for low houred pilots
This extremely high specification aircraft offers serious touring capability, and is also perfect for further PPL updating, IMC/IR ratings etc.
Full IFR Spec. includes: Garmin GNS430 Nav/Com/GPS moving map (IFR RNAV Approach Certified), Century 2000 Auto-pilot 3 axis coupled to GNS430 with Hdg, VOR/GPS. Loc and glide slope auto capture, Rev course. Altitude hold, Garmin GTX330 mode S digital transponder.
JPI EDM-700 digital EHT/CHT engine analyser, includes oil temp and outside temp, Goodrich WX900 Stormscope.

For more information & vacancies Contact.
mobile: 0345 345 0933
e-mail: info@cambrian-aero.co.uk


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