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Once you've gained that hard-earned flying licence, what to do next? how to keep it current? These questions are often asked! Left to your own devices after (or during!!) your PPL Course - with experience gaps remaining?. Enquire how we Add value with our programmes to keep you (and your Flying Companions) motivated and inspired. Locally based - or from further afield, our focus is on helping you further develop your flying skills - whatever your level of experience. Join one of our 'Aviation Improver Programmes' - a few illustrations below.....

* Enjoy joining regular trips to the Channel Isles, France, Spain, or Ireland, and would like to try out the freedom and discipline of being part of a Flying Group, yet without making a large financial commitment

* You may be a cautious low-houred pilot, who would find a more structured approach useful, together with AOPA inspired supportive mentoring.

* You may be an IMC/IR rated pilot, but would like further Instrument practice including GPS RNAV with more experienced pilots, perhaps to take you down to IR minimums.

* Need to brush up your flying skills to CPL/IR level before moving on to a commercial flight training school, or would find a first level Instructor Qualification a useful career step.

* Prepare for more adventurous flying, including Seaplane training, or take a step up from the limitations of the Microlight world including all required Ground School.

cambrian aeros flight

Try our enjoyable and interesting revalidation 'Instructor Flight' for your Single Engine Piston or IMC rating. This can be done at any time in the '2nd Year' of your NPPL or JAA qualification period without shortening the 2 years you already have. For more information have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions.
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cambrian aero flight

Learn to fly a complex single engine aircraft, on an approved professional Difference Training course, including the opportunity to obtain (or practice) your IMC/IR Rating, with a Continental Checkout option. Even Convert your NPPL(microlight) to a full JAR licence - its very easy if you know how. Wales based, and nationally oriented, with accommodation available if required - including partners and friends. Weather briefing before you go ..

*New* For some aircraft, Group Shares are now available with very competative rates. Suitable for pilots who meet the minimum flying hours requirements. No commitments - No complicated agreements - No share capital, but a cost-sharing fixed monthly subscription is usually required. UK based membership.

Find Group aircraft listings and availability locally. Many airfield and Strips are within easy distance of Newport, Swansea, Borders or North Bristol areas. Call anytime for a chat about what we can do for you, Seminars, Joining , Payments & a/c Bookings.cambrian aero flight


Cambrian Aero is an AOPA CORPORATE member, and a CAA Approved Training Organisation (OCP1055).