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This is a career oriented course primarily designed for suitably qualified pilots (or others) who wish to pass on their experience and understanding concerning 'the theory of flight' and aviation in general. For example, the course can make an excellent first step in gaining Employment in the aviation industry, or even setting up your own business - as many of our ex students and graduates have done. The Ground Instructor Course may also be the first step to becoming a Class Rating Instructor (CRI) or Flight Instructor (FI). In some cases funding may also be available - try 'Go Wales' or Careers Advice in England. For suitably qualified candidates, accreditation towards 'Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector" is also available. These teaching qualifications are based upon the Quality and Credit Framework (QCF) model, and obtained either through our associated Awarding Organisation (AO) or Higher Education Institute (HEI). Professional recognition and ongoing support is available via membership of the Institute for Learning.

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What can I do with the certificate?
The qualification is aimed primarily at the individual who undertakes to teach the theory ('ground based') subjects associated with the EASA PPL, the UK NPPL or IR(R) licences, and largely follows the certificate syllabus set out by the AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association). The purpose is to improve the status and quality of instruction in the technical subjects associated with pilot training. The UK CAA may also accept the AOPA certificate (where awarded) as credit towards other instructor or examiner qualifications.

What will I achieve?
At the completion of the course you will be able to confidently undertake a teaching or instructing role in the following areas:
(a) understand adults needs, behavioural attitudes and be able to assess their individual levels of education
(b) describe the principles of basic instruction, and be able to apply them at EASA PPL level
(c) explain the technical subjects as they relate to the EASA PPL syllabus
(d) discuss flight safety as it is related to the ground instructor's task
(e) explain the importance of human factors in the application of theoretical knowledge to flying.

How will I be assessed?
For satisfactory completion, you must compile a professional development (PD) training portfolio, and pass a practical ground instructor test with a FIC instructor or a FIE (Flight Instructor Examiner). The contents of the test will include:
(a) A Theoretical Knowledge lesson, not exceeding 45 mins given to the examiner or to other students one of whom will be the examiner (The subject to be chosen from the EASA PPL flight training syllabus)
(b) An Oral examination covering Teaching and Learning and subjects from the EASA PPL syllabus.
(c) The overal result and an applicant de-brief will follow.
(d) There are also a number of professional development (PD) assignments which must be completed to the satisfaction of the internal examiners..

Where does this take place?
At our specialist aviation assessment and Training centre near Cardiff in South Wales

How much time will I need?
A minimum period of 63 hours of study is required. Popular and flexible formats are available, including a part-time distance learning programme, enabling the course to be completed enjoyably, and at your own pace.

The Institute for Learning
The UK Institute for Learning (IfL - www.ifl.ac.uk) is the professional body for teachers, trainers, tutors and trainee teachers in the Learning and Skills Sector.

How much does it cost?
Please contact us for Full Details , but a lot less than you might think.

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